'Modern Warfare 3' Content Collection #1 Detailed and Dated

Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 1

Call of Duty: ELITE has been a huge success for Activision. More than 1.5 million of the 7 million gamers who signed up for the service have gone all-in with premium memberships, which grants them first access to new maps, modes and more for Modern Warfare 3.

Still, not everyone is willing to pay up-front for the game's nine month Content Season. Those gamers who have taken a "wait and see" stance on Modern Warfare 3's DLC are about to get their chance: the first Content Collection for the game will be available on Xbox Live March 20, 2012. No price has been revealed.

While the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Drop just became available on PlayStation 3, premium Call of Duty: ELITE subscribers on Xbox 360 already have access to three Content Drops, the most recent of which (Overwatch) arrived last week. All of that content, in addition to a few goodies that have yet to see the light of day, will be included in Modern Warfare 3's Content Collection #1.

In addition to Overwatch, Content Collection #1 features the previously released Liberation and Piazza maps, along with an as-yet-unreleased fourth map, Black Box, plus two Special Ops Missions, Black Ice and Negotiator.

Check out the details on Black Box, Black Ice and Negotiator, straight from the press release.

"In 'Black Box,' players will battle beside a downed Air Force One amidst multi-level homes overlooking the luxurious Southern California neighborhood."

"Infiltrating a diamond mine aboard a snowmobile in the Special Ops mission 'Black Ice,' your primary objective is to plant high-grade explosives in order to shut the mine down forever.

"In 'Negotiator,' you head to India for high-stakes hostage extraction in which you’ll breach-and-clear rooms and navigate surface streets to ensure the safety of your VIPs."

Black Box, Black Ice and Negotiator will also be made available to premium ELITE subscribers as Content Drops 4 through 6 on March 13th, a full week ahead of Content Collection #1. It should go without saying at this point that all listed dates are for the Xbox 360 -- the PlayStation 3 and PC versions are described by Activision as arriving "at a later date." Expect that date to follow the Xbox releases by about a month, and keep your eyes on Game Rant for further info.

Let's hear it, Modern Warfare 3 fans -- what do you think of material contained in Content Drop #1? What do you think Activision will charge, and how much are you willing to pay? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Content Collection #1 for Modern Warfare 3 releases March 20, 2012, on Xbox 360.


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