'Modern Warfare 3' Adds Community Playlists, 'Drop Zone' Mode

Modern Warfare 3 Update Drop Zone Playlists

While the release of Modern Warfare 3 has shattered just about every gaming record there is, that doesn't mean the development team at Infinity Ward is taking it easy these days. Today, thos who spend a good amount of time online with the game will notice a few new additions and changes being made, most noticeably the addition of new community playlists, as well as some tweaks to existing modes.

Fans of Modern Warfare 3 are still likely getting used to the changes made in the latest Hot Fix, but the developers are wasting no time in addressing nagging issues one at a time. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling took to the game's official community message boards to confirm that Community Playlists would be added as of today to current matchmaking. If there have been a few particularly popular private match modes you've been enjoying or have only heard about, now there's a chance to see them popping up in the public matchmaking as well.

In addition to new playlist possibilities, all Hardcore modes will now be playing by the same rules as the 'Ricochet' variant, meaning griefers who inexplicably get their enjoyment out of team-killing will now have all damage inflicted taken off of their health, not their team member's. In effect this should solve one of the more annoying problems any game can ever suffer from, so if you've steered clear of certain modes due to a bad experience, you may want to give Hardcore another chance.

Along with the update comes a brand new game mode called Drop Zone. A variation of the typical capture-and-defend game type, players who claim the Drop Zone will be subject to a care package drop every 15 seconds. This becomes even more essential to victory, since all killstreak perks are disabled for the match, and possessing the Drop Zone is the only way to access the one killstreak that is included: air support. Every team member within the zone earns 20 XP every second for their own ranking, and 20 XP towards the team total for the round. When one team reaches 7500 points the game is over, so maintaining the area is just as important - if not more so - then running up an impressive killstreak.

This newest update is just one in the long line of updates the team is planning, so it's best to take part early and provide feedback on what does and doesn't work. The chances of being humiliated with an insanely lucky kill haven't been lessened any, but that's half the fun.

What do you think of the new game mode? Think it will offer a new type of gameplay, or just looking forward to a change of pace in your match rotation?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is available now for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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