Modern Warfare 3 Reducing Camping With Map Design

Map design is an incredibly important aspect of any multiplayer shooter. Bad map design usually causes a hatred that’s on par with being sent to the back of the line of the DMV for the third time.

Activision wants to reassure players that Modern Warfare 3 maps will be a lot more fast-paced and free flowing – which will, hopefully, stem the ability to camp.

The intent to at least try to create a detriment in players who camp in any first person shooter, Modern Warfare 3 aside, is admirable. No buzz kill is worse than running really well, getting really close to your killstreak and then having some guy in a corner just pop you. It’s maddening.

Mark Rubin, MW3 producer, talked a little about how multiplayer map design is influencing certain kinds of player behavior that will discourage camping. To see some of Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer in action, check out the Tango Down trailer. You may also want to learn all there is to know regarding Call of Duty Elite and see what the big deal is about.

One way the designers attempted to discourage camping started in Modern Warfare 2, where Rubin discussed how verticality was one method of adding a bit more to map dynamics and creating a more fluid flow for players who ran through them.

Here’s what he had to say:

“When we looked at that with MW3, we decided that we wanted to get the cool part of verticality and the cool kind of engagements, but we didin’t want to make it so complicated that anywhere you ran you were under fire or that there was danger from every single point.

“We wanted to determine what is it about the flow that is interesting and fun. If it is too simple, then it is just not interesting. If it is too complex, then it is not as fun.

“Having a map with good flow makes you feel comfortable moving through the map. If the flow is not good, people won’t move as much because they are paranoid of getting shot.”

A very good analysis by Rubin that will hopefully find its way into each and every one of Modern Warfare 3‘s maps. Obviously, there are going to be maps that people just plain hate to play on, but so long as the camping rate goes down, mission accomplished.

Modern Warfare 3 Tango Down Multiplayer Trailer

Rubin also talked a little about the new Team Deathmatch variation, “Kill Confirmed,” where players who kill enemies must go and collect their dog tags to score. Not entirely a new idea, as the mode was seen in Crysis 2 – albeit in Crysis 2, the dog tags were used toward your killstreaks.

In Rubin’s eyes, Kill Confirmed will up the team playing factor and people will start working together to outsmart and best the other team. Combined with the mandatory running-out-in-the-open to collect dog tags, camping might be slightly discouraged, unless that someone’s playing on a team. Kill Confirmed can also be complimentary to Activison’s interest in a healthy Call of Duty Elite social environment – where players can get together and form teams to play.

Multiplayer is definitely going to be a big competition point near the end of the year when Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 vie for superiority on everyone’s consoles.

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: VG 24/7