Sales of 'Modern Warfare 3' Avatar Items To Benefit Military Veterans

MW3 Avatar Sales Donated To Charity

Okay, so maybe you're one of those people who could never justify purchasing items for your Xbox Live Avatar. After all, it's just some digital person you had to create due to an update, right? Luckily for you, Activision may have just given you a reason to spend some money on virtual clothes as sales from all Modern Warfare 3 Xbox Live Avatars will go to the Call of Duty Endowment to help military verterans.

Yes, you read that right, all sales. This isn't one of those times where only a fraction of the proceeds are donated (see: Blizzard), every single penny Activision makes off of sales of avatars or avatar items between December 2nd and December 16th will be donated to the Call of Duty Endowment.

In total there are thirty Modern Warfare 3 items available to purchase, though Activision has also added two more outfits - based off of the Juggernaut and American Special Forces - as available to purchase. Remember that items can also be purchased from the Xbox website, so if you don't have access to your 360 you can still participate by purchasing an item or two from your web browser.

Unfortunately, for those who do not own an Xbox 360 their isn't a way for them to join in on the fun. Activision could have easily released some avatars for the PSN, or even some PlayStation Home items. It would have been great to see them get clever with PC users and release Team Fortress 2 items, though sadly neither seems to be the case.

Still, it is great to see Activision giving back like this. For all of the flak they get for being the "evil" publisher these days, they can still prove that they have a little bit of heart and we at Game Rant applaud the publisher for making the donation. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy that Juggernaut avatar.


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Source: Game Informer

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