modern warfare 2 stimulus package problems

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” is now available on Xbox Live – following a rough start out the gate.

Many Modern Warfare fans eagerly watched the progress bar of the highly-anticipated DLC add-on – only to discover that upon completion “Stimulus” was, ironically, dead on arrival.

The new maps failed to load in-game.

Personally, I’m blaming asphyxiation for the wide-eyed, lifeless look on the face of the DLC – “Stimulus” was clearly suffocated under the weight of its inflated price as it traveled from Activision to Xbox 360s around the world.

Major Nelson, however, had a different explanation.

In response to the confusion, Major Nelson quickly took to his keyboard and informed frustrated players, via Twitter, that a Modern Warfare 2 title update required to access the DLC was en route:

“The Stimulus Package needs a Title Update and it didn’t go out properly. We’re pushing it out now – it won’t be long.”

Both the title update as well as the “Stimulus” DLC add-on are now available – as result everything appears to be functioning correctly at this time.

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Overgrown

As previously mentioned, the Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” will set players back 1,200 MS points ($15) and offers five maps – two of which are Call of Duty 4 remakes.

New Maps:

  • Bailout – a multi-layered apartment complex
  • Storm – an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
  • Salvage – a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars

Call of Duty 4 Remakes:

  • Crash – a war-torn urban environment
  • Overgrown – a large dry creek

Microsoft has timed exclusivity on the “Stimulus Package”. PS3 users can purchase the content on April 30th.

What do you think of the “Stimulus Package”? Do you think it’s worth the $15 cost of admission?