The Resurgence Pack for Modern Warfare 2 released recently for the PC and PS3, almost a month after the release for the 360. If you don’t remember what came with the Resurgence Pack you can check out this trailer here, but here’s the reminder for you: 5 maps, two of which are remodeled Modern Warfare 1 maps Vacant and Strike. The three new maps, Carnival, Trailer Park, and Fuel offer new close combat opportunities for players to shoot other players in.

Modern Warfare 2 still remains in many people’s consoles when they connect to Xbox LIVE and it doesn’t appear that people will stop playing it any time soon. With Microsoft retaining a healthy product exclusivity agreement with MW2 to release all Xbox 360 products in advancement of the PS3 and PC, it’s not a surprise that Activision wants to maintain a lead for Call of Duty games now and in the future (especially when Black Ops releases).

I’m not a huge fan of the “timed exclusive”, but as a marketing tool it’s obviously very powerful. It’s that very simple idea plant of “Well, it came out on this console first, so why don’t I continue buying games for this console?”

My main gripe is companies shouldn’t be punishing the consumer for making a console choice, however trite it may seem. Yeah, I understand that the video game business is one that revolves largely around money and that companies will do what they can to earn extra money. Be it with timed exclusive releases, console exclusives, or even pre-order deals, those companies will earn money in whatever way they can.

You can check out some screens for the maps at this handy dandy link.

PS3 and PC gamers can pick up the map pack for $14.99 through the PSN Store or Steam, respectively.