Modern Warfare 2 is hugely popular for a variety of very good and very bad reasons. The only one that really matters though is that Modern Warfare is ridiculously fun. It can get a little stale after a while though, which is why Activision and Infinity Ward are releasing the second Modern Warfare 2 map pack, the Resurgence Pack, today for the Xbox 360.

If you’re not familiar with what will be included in the map pack, you should check out the trailer for the DLC. It will explain everything you need to know, and get you excited for a map pack in ways you wouldn’t have expected.

Here’s a recent update from Creative Strategist Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo), from Infinity Ward:

“Resurgence Package for #MW2 is now live – it may take a few hours to show for everyone. I’ll be playing all-day in the Resurgence Playlists!”

There you have it, Modern Warfare 2 fans, you can purchase the Resurgence Pack right now. Then make sure to jump right in and partake in the week-long double XP event as well. If you’re stuck at work, then we have a link for you to purchase the pack online, and queue it for download on your 360: check it out.

The Resurgence Pack will run you $15, and is currently exclusive the the Xbox 360. We expect the Pack to make its way to PC and the PlayStation 3 in about a month or so. See you online, Ranters!