Xbox Live’s very own Major Nelson recently interviewed Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling on his podcast, and Mr. Bowling released some details about the upcoming second map pack for Modern Warfare 2.

Just like the previous map pack it will indeed be hitting Xbox 360 first with limited exclusivity on June 3rd. The Resurgence map pack will set you back 1200 points ($15), which seems to be the new standard for Call of Duty maps. On top of all this information the five new maps were detailed and they include 2 maps that appeared in CoD4, as well as 3 brand new maps.

  • Vacant – the Russian office buildings that have been torn apart by conflict (CoD4)
  • Strike – an urban backdrop that is surrounded by hotels (CoD4)
  • Carnival – an abandoned war-torn carnival that still features a ferris-wheel, fun house, and more (New)
  • Trailer Park – apparently this map has an abundance of “super tight corridors” and a pool. Bowling referred to it as “Mobile Estates” (New)
  • Fuel – an old oil refinery that has been said to offer prime sniping areas. (New)

All of these new maps will follow suit with the previous “cure to mapathy” and will be tied to specific playlists, but if demand is high enough it could show up in every playlist. There is no release date set for PS3 or PC users yet, but I’m sure we’ll get word soon.

What do you think of these new maps?

Source: Major Nelson’s Podcast