'Modern Warfare 2' Map Packs On Sale Until Monday

Date Set for Trial

If you were one of the people who decided that $15 was a bit too much for extra Modern Warfare 2 maps (it is way too much), then this week is just for you. But to be honest, the likelihood of anyone reading this who didn't buy the map packs is fairly low, considering how well they've done.

Despite being priced higher than many gamers were used to, the first DLC entitled the Stimulus package broke sales records for Xbox Live, then later went on to do the same for PSN. Completely expected was the fact that Activision now had the go-ahead to charge the same amount for the next DLC Resurgence Pack.

Since the game has gone on to become not only a sales monster for Activision in boxed copies, but DLC as well, it's safe to say that MW2 has been the unrivaled king of online multiplayer since it was released. That is, until Halo: Reach was released last month. Since then, Halo has ruled the roost on Xbox Live, so perhaps this sale has just as much to do with tempting converted operatives to remove their Mjolnir for much more mobile fatigues as it does a farewell before Black Ops hits.

With some people unsatisfied with Halo when it comes to depth of gameplay, it's not too much of a stretch to think that this will work beautifully in bringing a number of fans back to the game, at least for the next few weeks. Since Call of Duty: Black Ops debuts November 9th, these map packs, each containing 3 new maps and 2 pulled from Modern Warfare 1 are soon to be obsolete. So it's definitely a smart move on their part, since $15.00 isn't much to pay for 10 new maps in the last month. Especially since some think that the price could still be higher to maximize profits. And considering how addictive Black Ops appears to be, a massive chunk of MW2's playing community could be leaving the game and its DLC behind for good.

So for the time being, decide whether you would like to pick up the map packs for only 600 MS Points instead of the usual 1200. The sale runs until October 10th, so act fast. For the Stimulus package click here, and for the Resurgence pack, here.

And let us know if Halo has you wondering what you ever saw in MW, or if this was all you needed to jump back into Modern Warfare 2.

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