Anticipation has been building for the release of Modern Warfare 2. So much so, that it looks to be one of the biggest media releases in recent years. Having been recently leaked onto the good ‘ole internet, it was only a matter of time before the finer details of the game would start rolling out.

Over at GamePex, a full list of the killstreak rewards for multiplayer has surfaced. The full list of rewards is as follows:

3 Kills — UAV
4 Kills — Care Package
4 Kills — Counter UAV
5 Kills — Sentry Gun
5 Kills — Predator Missile
6 Kills — Precision Airstrike
7 Kills — Strike
7 Kills — Attack Heli
8 Kills — Emergency Airdrop
9 Kills — Pave Low
9 Kills — Stealth Bomber
11 Kills — Chopper Gunner
11 Kills — AC-130
15 Kills — EMP
25 Kills — Tactical Nuke

That’s right. You read that correctly. Those truly skilled Modern Warfare players now have a chance to nuke the battlefield. Even among all the debate that the helicopter and dogs were overpowered and “unfair”, Infinity Ward did what they do best and threw in something completely unexpected. After all, you can’t get much more overpowered than an explosive capable of annihilating the entire battlefield.

While the list seems to bring a bunch of new things to the table, it also brings to light some new questions. Having multiple rewards available at some of the killstreaks, you have to wonder what the process will be for obtaining them. Will one randomly be chosen for you? Will you use a menu to select the one you want? Also, with the addition of the nuke, you have to wonder how this will affect the match. Judging by gameplay footage leaked online, it seems that the game comes to an abrupt end when the nuke drops. What are your feelings about this new addition to the series?

All these answers and more will be answered when Modern Warfare 2 drops onto shelves November 10, 2009, blowing sales records away.

Source: GamePex