GR Pick [Video]: Modern Game Journalism: The Movie

GR Picks Modern Game Journalism The Movie

Uncharted 3 is a great game, there’s no denying that. But, when it’s compared to its predecessor, or some of the other fantastic Game of the Year contenders, it may be lacking in a few key areas. Unfortunately, due in no small part to the fan anticipation that built up for Uncharted 3, gamers couldn't handle anything less than perfect scores for the gam. That is the idea behind Modern Game Journalism: The Movie.

Created by the always-clever folks over at Mega64 this parody of the games journalism industry, and its proclivity for dashing gamers’ hopes with any score that isn’t 10 out of 10, is not only poignant but incredibly insightful. Obviously, this video is as much of an expose on games journalist as it is on fanboys, but it’s funny because we all can relate to it.

Just this past week, Sledgehammer Games took to Twitter to hopefully boost Modern Warfare 3’s abysmal user rating on Metacritic, which tanked after a ton of 0 out of 10 votes flooded in. Scores shouldn’t be important, in fact a lot of publications try to avoid them, but inevitably they are what gamers look for as an indicator of quality. And so we have, Modern Game Journalism: The Movie.

It’s a fairly simple concept, this fake trailer, but it hits a lot of the important beats that journalists experience once a review goes live. The comments section has become a free-for-all for fans to voice their opinions, not about the content of a review, but what effect its numerical rating will have on an aggregate, or even sales numbers.

Uncharted 3 was just the hot topic of the moment, but there have been plenty of games that have suffered a similar fate, not because their scores weren’t coherently justified, but because they were perceived as “not high enough.” It’s the content that should be making the biggest impact in the review, but unfortunately that just isn’t going to happen.

All kidding aside, do you think there is too much focus placed on numerical scores in reviews? Does a low Metacritic score affect whether or not you would pick up a title that is highly anticipated?

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