Modern Warfare 3 New Mode

Though the Modern Warfare 3 Content Drops, and subsequent Content Collections, are mostly focused on multiplayer maps, this second one (which releases later this month) also introduces a new mode. Dubbed Face-Off, this multiplayer mode ditches the high intensity, “don’t get shot in the back” nature of a normal multiplayer match in favor of a more intimate 1v1 or 2v2 experience.

Obviously many of the maps included with the previous Content Drops or that shipped with Modern Warfare 3 don’t exactly lend themselves to smaller player numbers, so Infinity Ward is also releasing four new, smaller maps this month. The first two maps will be free of charge (for Xbox 360 players) and are titled Aground and Erosion.

Then, as part of Content Collection 2, which releases on May 22nd, there will be another two Face-Off focused maps released: Getaway and Lookout. Essentially, anyone who purchases Content Collection 2 will net themselves three unique multiplayer maps (developer for traditional 8v8 play), two spec ops missions, and these additional, smaller maps. As always the Content Collection release date is for the Xbox 360 only.

To help make this new mode sing, these maps were designed with longer sightlines but smaller play areas to keep players from going to long without encountering an opponent. Typically, a smaller map meant for a doubles or singles match is just smaller with no consideration for sight lines or keeping the player engaged, but apparently Infinity Ward wanted to make sure not of that excitement is lost when lowering the player count.

While Modern Warfare 3 might not have lost its steam as far as first day and week sales are concerned, the ability of the title to remain relevant is certainly starting to wane. With this new mode, players that are burnt out on the frenetic nature of a typical Call of Duty multiplayer match can just hang out with a buddy, or fly solo, and worry less about those high tier kill streaks.

Does the promise of a new multiplayer mode entice you into returning to Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer? Or were you just waiting for some new maps?

Modern Warfare 3‘s Content Collection 2 releases May 22, 2012 for the Xbox 360. A PC and PS3 release should follow in the next month.

Source: Eurogamer