Mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy will be playable on PC via Steam on February 6 with a special crossover event with Final Fantasy VII Remake starting one day later.

Mobius Final Fantasy released last year on mobile devices to mixed reviews, but the free-to-play game has still managed to snag a decent-sized player base thanks in part to its original story and outstanding graphics. Now, Square Enix has announced that the title will soon look even better thanks to an upcoming port to PC that will come just in time for players to experience a crossover event with the still-in-development Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Gamespot reports that the PC version of Mobius Final Fantasy will be available for Windows computers through Steam on February 6, and the game will remain free-to-play as it is on iOS and Android. A new trailer of the game running on Windows was released earlier this week.

The new graphics aren’t going to blow away anyone who is used to running today’s biggest PC games on a high-end computer, but there is a noticeable upgrade to the detail of the game’s characters and special effects when compared with the mobile version. Square Enix claims the game will support 1080p resolution and that players will enjoy high frame rates of 60 to 120 FPS. Progress can be shared between the mobile and PC versions.

Mobius Final Fantasy released last August and features a story written by producer Yoshinore Kitase and writer Kazushige Nojima, who worked together on the original Final Fantasy VII and are now both on the development team for Remake. One day after Mobius releases on PC, the game will launch a crossover event with Final Fantasy VII Remake that will bring Cloud to the game. This is the same event that came out last year in Japan.

Mobius project leader Naoki Hamaguchi stated on Square Enix’s website that the Final Fantasy VII Remake team has shared 3D assets for the crossover event, including Cloud, Guard Scorpion and the Mako Reactor. Hamaguchi also noted that Mobius Final Fantasy‘s original assets were created in HD and then compressed for mobile, so the PC port will let players experience the game as originally designed.

As for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the game will be shown in detail later this yearRemake will be released in episodes but each episode is supposed to be the length of a full game. Square Enix has designed a new combat system for the title and may even be making some changes to the game’s story, as well as adding voice acting to the mix.

Mobius Final Fantasy is out now on iOS and Android and releases on PC on February 6. Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.