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Blizzard's expansion into mobile gaming has been a little slower than other developers, especially given the pedigree the company has already established for itself - Hearthstone has over 70 million players and counting, and represents one of the biggest sources of income Blizzard has in its impressive games library. It was only a matter of time before that game's success on mobile platforms enticed Blizzard into expanding past Hearthstone and the World of Warcraft mobile apps, however, and it would appear Blizzard's next mobile game has been partially uncovered.

According to a recent Blizzard job posting, the next mobile game by Blizzard will be based on the Warcraft series. The listing is for an "unannounced project for mobile" and requires applicants to possess a "passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP."

While fans already knew Blizzard was working on a new mobile game, previous reports suggested that it would likely be based on either Overwatch or StarCraft. It now appears that those rumors were unfounded, and that players will be returning to the lore-rich Warcraft universe on their mobile devices in the future.

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That the unannounced game is still hiring crucial team members seems to indicate that it far from being completed, though, and gamers should temper expectations for when the new mobile title will be unveiled. Blizzcon 2017 is set for this November, and marks the most likely event for the game's reveal - although even that isn't guaranteed, as Blizzard typically doesn't reveal projects that aren't ready to be released shortly afterwards.

In the meantime, Blizzard will likely continue to analyze what has made Hearthstone such a rousing success on mobile devices in order to emulate those qualities on the new game. The fact that the new mobile title will also take place in the Warcraft universe gives Blizzard plenty of opportunities for cross-promotional tie-ins, something that the developer has enjoyed doing whenever possible across its many different games.

Source: Blizzard Careers

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