The world without the iPad is now behind us. Pre-orders have been fulfilled, lines to pick them up have come and gone and they are now in the hands of many. With that, plenty of apps are out and in the wild – along with some sweet looking games too! Here’s a list of what we are looking forward to playing on the iPad.

scrabble ipad

Scrabble: There’s already a Scrabble app on the iPhone, but the new version for the iPad packs some awesome feature. There is additional flare and animation for the single player, but the prize goes to the local multiplayer gameplay. The iPad acts as the game board and, being everyone playing has one, your iPhone or iPod Touch acts as your individual letter tray. When it’s your turn, you flick the letters you want to use forward and they appear on the iPad. Awesome! $9.99 in the app store.

plants vs zombies hd ipad

Plants vs Zombies HD: We love Plants vs. Zombies – just check out my review of the iPhone version. Now on a bigger screen with more features and game modes. Definitely worth the $9.99.

Geometry Wars: A popular puzzle/shooter, that you may recognize from being on XBLA, now a pretty snazzy port for the iPad – $9.99.

flight control hd ipad

Flight Control: Bigger airfields, more planes, and more of a challenge = more fun! Bonus: one of the airfields features anaglyphic imaging… aka if you have 3D glasses, this map is in 3D! $4.99.

real racing hd ipad

Real Racing HD: This game shows the graphics potential the iPad has. Real cars, accelerometer controls, and a fun/casual racing experience. $9.99

fieldrunners ipad

Fieldrunners: Successful tower defense game originally on the iPhone, now optimized for the iPad. Tower defense games are a promising category with larger real estate for the game, and this one is $7.99. Related note: geoDefense for the iPad needs to happen soon.

These are just a few of the games out now for the iPad, with a bunch more on the way. A few honorable mentions that aren’t game related are; the official Netflix app (stream Watch instantly movies via WiFi), Marvel comics app (gorgeous comic reader), and IMDb.

What games are you checking out on the iPad?