This Week in Mobile Gaming - January 27th, 2011

This Week in Mobile Gaming


  • Apple hit another milestone this past Saturday with it's ten billionth app download to date. The app that earned the new claim to fame is a game called Paper Glider, developed by Neon Play, where you flick a paper plane out a window and tap to keep it going as far as you can. The lucky downloader received a $10,000 iTunes gift card, so they should just go ahead and unlink their credit card from their iTunes account now. Founder of Neon Play, Oli Christie, mentioned how it's not just a win for the person who downloaded the app:

“Its been so exciting because [Neon Play] just got started in June. The game was already doing well, but this has really put us on the map.”

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  • Sony revealed that they will be bringing their content to Android phones. Via the PlayStation Suite, Android users will be able to enjoy some of their favorite PlayStation titles on their smartphones. The PlayStation Suite is expected to launch by the end of 2011, and will be starting out with PSone titles.
  • Remember the Kongregate dilemma last week where it went live in the Android Marketplace and then was pulled? Well now it's back. The developers of Kongregate went back to the drawing board and made the changes that were not in accordance to the Android Marketplace policies. The two main fixes were allowing the browser bar to stay visible while in the app, and to direct offline cache files to the standard browser cache instead of the SD card where they can be managed. Kongregate CEO Jim Greer hopes they now "meet Google's requirement that we're not creating a competing App Store while still creating a great gaming experience."

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  • It seems as though the elusive "PlayStation Phone" has been revealed, though not officially by Sony. Engadget got their hands on the device, which is a Sony Ericsson device going by the model name Xperia Play. It seems the game store will go by the name "PlayStation Pocket," although there are no games listed in the store. The phone has still yet to be officially announced so the details aren't confirmed, including expected release. For now, take a peek at the video below for a tour of what could end up being the "PlayStation Phone."


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This Week's Recommendations

Texting of the Bread iOS

Texting of the Bread: Similar to the classic Typing of the Dead, this take has you typing words that the zombie-like gingerbread men are saying. Type the words flawlessly to take out the evil pastries. There are two playable characters over three game modes and a ton of Game Center achievements. Perfect your texting skills and satisfy your sweet tooth for $1.99 in the Apple app store.

Death Knight iOS

Death Knight: A fun hack and slash side scroller for the iOS. As the Knight, you must fight your way through the forces of evil. There are over 70 levels, upgradeable shields and armor, and five weapons with each with six grades and a variety of imbued powers. Overall, there are sixteen enemy types with five bosses to conquer. Free for a limited time in the app store.

Geared 2 iOS

Geared 2!: A simple and artistic puzzle game that makes you think, guess and check multiple times for the solution. The object is to launch the hamster out of the gear is running in by connecting the rest of the gears on the screen. Once all the gears are connected, the speed picks up and the hamster goes flying. Each level gives you various sized gears and obstacles, and you have to figure out where they go. Over 200 levels and only 99 cents in the Apple app store.

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Are you excited to have older PlayStation titles on your Android phone? What do you think about the potential PlayStation Phone? Are you playing any of this week's recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Macworld, Joystiq, Engadget

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