This Week in Mobile Gaming - February 24th, 2011

This Week in Mobile Gaming


  • Next week, March 2nd to be exact, Apple is expected to unveil the anticipated iPad 2. Not much is known of the device just yet, but the current buzz is that the next iteration will be thinner, have front and rear facing cameras and increased specs. We'll have to wait until Wednesday to find out for sure!
  • Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy 3 to the iOS. It is said that it will be a port of the DS version, but may be better in quality thanks to some reworked visuals. Final Fantasy 3 is expected to hit iOS this March in Japan.


In addition to its forthcoming expansion to iOS, Minecraft will also make its way onto the Android platform. Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft, brought in an outside source to focus on the mobile iterations of the game. The mobile version of the indie title will not receive the same updates as the original version, however it will get updates that reflect the mobile gameplay experience. There is no date outside of "later this year" for a release.

Windows Phone 7

  • This Spring, Microsoft is launching a Must Have Games for Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 event that will highlight the arrival of some top mobile games on the device platform. Over the course of six weeks, titles like Plants vs Zombies, geoDefense, Doodle Jump and Hydro Thunder will make their way onto the devices and will support Xbox Live Achievements, leaderboards and more.
  • Next month, Fable Coin Golf will launch exclusively on Windows Phone 7. The game will play like a traditional British pub game, and allow you to transfer your gold winnings to your Fable 3 game - Xbox 360 or PC. There is also the opportunity to unlock three exclusive weapons, usable in the Traitor's Keep add-on.


Gingerbread Dash Android

Gingerbread Dash! - In this side-scrolling platformer you use the accelerometer to control the gingerbread man. Avoid being eaten by the giant fox that's chasing you while collecting stars and avoiding other obstacles such as water and birds. There are also power ups along the way to increase your speed and defend against the various obstacles. Available in the Android Marketplace for $1.20, free lite version also available.

Helmet Hero Head Trauma iOS

Helmet Hero - A side-scrolling game where you smash through various objects using the appropriate helmet to break through. Jackhammer helmets will break through rock, chainsaw through trees and more. There are 45 levels as well as a survival mode and Game Center support. Free for a limited time in the Apple app store.

Tiny Wings iOS

Tiny Wings - Set in a cool artsy style, you must guide a tiny-winged bird as far as possible before night falls. Using simple one-touch controls, touch the screen for the bird to fold in its wings to speed downhill, and release for the bird to flap its wings uphill to gain speed and catch air. Collect coins along the way and transition into various islands as you progress. $0.99 cents in the Apple app store.

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That's it for this week. Are you interested in playing Minecraft on the go? What are your hopes with the next iPad? Eager for some new titles on your Windows Phone 7? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Destructoid, Major Nelson

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