This week in mobile gaming, we search for big words, go on a nostalgic quest as a prince, check out an egg adventure, test the waters of crime life and get new ways to reap havoc on the undead – all with some mobile magic sprinkled on top.

boggle for ipad

Boggle iPad: So, Boggle has already made its appearance on the iPhone but, as previous board game titles on the iPhone OS have done, it now has a iPad friendly version.

The iPad version houses the same features of the iPhone version – Challenge, Advanced and Self-Score. The difference? It looks a heck of a lot better on the iPad thanks to the real estate increase, and it’s $4.99 on iTunes.

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prince of persia retro iphone

Prince of Persia Retro: With the release of the Prince of Persia movie, there is now an iPhone version of the original game in the app store. In Prince of Persia: Retro, you must fight your way from the inner depths of a palace in a race against the hourglass (or should I say “Sands of Time?”) to save your true love. Like the original, you fight with swordplay, work around traps and use acrobatics to get to the top. A ton of nostalgic fun for 99 cents in the app store.


Eggs: Coming soon to an iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch 3rd Gen is Eggs, a fun looking platformer full of physics features, obstacles and more than twelve levels. Take a peek at the video above and keep an eye out for it in the app store soon – priced at a cool 99 cents.

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gta chinatown wars lite iphone

GTA: Chinatown Wars Lite: Grand Theft Auto’s Chinatown Wars has been on the iPhone for some time now, but as an investment at $9.99. If you still haven’t made the jump because you are either unsure if it’s worth it or simply can’t afford it, well you now have an alternative. The free lite version is available in the app store now, so there’s no excuse to not partake in the thieving, drug peddling, gun wielding goodness that is Chinatown Wars.

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call of duty zombies iphone

Call of Duty: Zombies: This title has been in the app store for quite a while now, but IGN reports there will be an update to get you back in the game. The addition is called Shi No Numa and will bring in a new map – Swamp – to slaughter the undead in. New enemies will be thrown in as well as new weapons: the Arisaka, Type 100 and Wunderwaffe DG-2. The update will be $4.99, otherwise it will be bundled with the full version of Call of Duty: Zombies at $9.99.

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The iPad is good for a lot of things: gaming, organization, productivity, magic. Wait, what? Magic? “Yep,” said Steve Jobs. Okay, he didn’t say that, but the magicians on the streets of Japan say so. Check out the video above and see for yourself – the dove part may trigger a “WTF?” out of you, as it did me.

Are you interested in any of these titles? What do you play to pass the time waiting in line?