Despite news last year that suggested a 2013 edition of MLB 2K was unlikely — a result of 2K’s failure to reach a deal with Major League Baseball — the publisher today announced MLB 2K13 is, in fact, happening. Somehow, between then and now, 2K Sports was able to come to some sort of agreement, and now MLB 2K13 is slated for a March 5th release date with Visual Concepts once again developing.

Most importantly this means that Xbox 360 gamers will not have to go a year without a baseball game, and PS3 players will have an option in addition to the Sony exclusive MLB: The Show.

Unfortunately, as opposed to past years, MLB 2K13 is only being offered on those two platforms (sorry Wii U owners). That could change between now and release, but the announcement from 2K only lists the Xbox and PS3 by name. Nonetheless fans should be happy to learn MLB 2K is not dead.

2K also announced yet another pitcher will be gracing the cover for this year’s iteration. This year’s cover will feature the Tampa Bay Rays’ starting pitcher David Price, who narrowly beating out last year’s cover athlete Justin Verlander, to become the third Cy Young Award winner to grace the cover  in a row. As you might have guessed pitching is a big deal to MLB 2K fans.

MLB 2K13 Cover

Pitching is also a big deal because of the Perfect Game Challenge, which awards one lucky player $1 million for completing the title feat on the hardest difficulty and with no assists. 2K confirmed that the Challenge will be returning this year, but they did not say how it will be set up.

Last year’s version, for example, featured two phases: a perfect game eligibility phase and then an 8-player tournament. This, however, led to accusations that players were cheating, so we’d be surprised to see that format return unchanged.

Are you happy to hear that MLB 2K13 is going to happen? How do you feel about David Price as the new cover athlete?

MLB 2K13 will release March 5, 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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