Official Rules for 'MLB 2K11' Million Dollar Perfect Game Challenge Detailed

MLB 2K11 Perfect Game Challenge Rules

In celebration of the start of the 2011 baseball season, 2K Sports has kicked off their MLB 2K11 Million Dollar Perfect Game Challenge. Though some players might have pitched a perfect game since the title’s release, it isn’t until today that the official rules were released and the contest began.

Since players are competing for a very large chunk of change, 2K Sports has outlined some very specific rules for any would-be MLB 2K11 Challenge participant. Though the majority of the rules are for legal purposes, there are some very detailed procedures players are going to need to follow in order to win.

Principally among the qualifications for winning the MLB 2K11 Perfect Game Challenge is having either a PlayStation Network ID or an Xbox Live Gamertag. Throughout the entirety of your playthrough, said ID or Gamertag must be confirmed as logged in. 2K Sports is even requiring the player verify the log-in process with their video submission.

Though being logged in helps verify that the particular person who completed the feat is in fact deserved of the money, the video submission is also a very integral part of the challenge. An accurate and clear recording must be made from seven seconds before the boot-up of the system until completion of the perfect game, which results in a verification code.

If any pauses occur, including for substitutions of pitchers or the manager approaching the mound, that participant is disqualified and must try again. Essentially, the player must prepare for a marathon pitching session similar to what Roy Halladay went through last year.

On the topic of Roy Halladay it is also worth mentioning that players will only be able to utilize pitchers who are pitching on that given play date. If you want to use Ubaldo Jimenez for your perfect game, you must wait until Jimenez is listed as an available pitcher in the MLB Today section. So, prepare accordingly as that one day out of the week could be your only chance at a million before someone else snags it.

Lastly, 2K Sports wants players in Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, North Dakota, and Vermont to know that they are not eligible to participate. No reason is listed for this lack of eligibility, but a quick vacation could be worth it if you net yourself a cool million.

For complete rules on the MLB 2K11 Challenge -- including a comprehensive check list of all items needed for perfect eligibility -- head on over to the 2K Sports website. There you will find details on where to send your submission video and a link to the site that needs your verification code.

To all those potential perfect game pitchers, we wish you the best of luck.

Are you planning on participating in the Million Dollar Perfect Game Challenge for MLB 2K11? Are there any titles you wish put on a contest of similar value, but for a different genre of video game?

Source: 2K Sports


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