'MLB 12: The Show' Trailer Teases Vita Integration

MLB 12 The Show Trailer

While significant improvements were made to gameplay mechanics, presentation, and controls for MLB 11: The Show, there's always next year to do even better. To show how Sony San Diego plans to up the ante this time around, a new trailer has been released that highlight key new features in MLB 12: The Show.

Demonstrated by 2012 cover athlete Adrian Gonzales — who steps in for perennial king Joe Mauer — are some nifty new Move options that allow for more engagement with the player and better control of all facets of gameplay. For example, pitching and hitting appears to be more fluid using the Move, but the accuracy will still pale in comparison to the analog pitching and hitting that appeared in MLB 11.

Among the other new flourishes being added to MLB 12: The Show is an even deeper broadcast commentary that accurately reflects the events on the diamond, and tosses out handy team statistics. On top of that, an added depth of realism has been instilled in player movements and interactions to create true-to-life collisions both between players and with the baseball. With both of these new features at the helm, and combined with the already impressive looking graphics, MLB 12: The Show is going to outdo itself yet again.


Also mentioned in the trailer is the game's new Vita integration that is only briefly shown using baseball cards, but appears to allow for team management while away from the home console. The title is also receiving a dedicated Vita version, but interesting mechanics using the Vita's touch pads weren't shown.

Still, MLB 12: The Show looks like another standout title from Sony San Diego, albeit without the more significant changes that hit with last year's iteration. Look for more of the game's new features to be revealed as we near the game's March 6th release date.

What do you think of the new features being added to the series with MLB 12: The Show? How would you like to see Sony San Diego improve over last year's iteration?

MLB 12: The Show releases March 6, 2012 for the PS3 and the PS Vita.

Source: PlayStation Channel

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