Mixer Might Start Offering Twitch Prime-Like Rewards to Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

Mixer Twitch Prime rewards

Mixer may begin to offer rewards to users who are also subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Mixer rewards system could potentially work like Twitch Prime, which offers free games and bonuses such as exclusive loot in games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

On Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked if he and the team had thought about offering Twitch Prime style rewards to Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold users on Mixer. Spencer said that the team is "always listening and learning" and that many people had suggested that sort of rewards system. While the Xbox boss didn't offer any concrete plans about Mixer and Xbox Game Pass integration, Spencer did say that finding "some connection" between Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Mixer subscriptions "makes a ton of sense."

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One Twitter user named Ben said that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an "amazing deal" as it is, but adding free Mixer subscriptions and free Skype time to the subscription would also be good. Microsoft has been offering free Mixer subscriptions for Ninja's channel since the popular Fortnite streamer moved to the platform and more than one million people have redeemed the freebie. So, offering free subs to XGPU subscribers would be another good way of getting deal-loving gamers using Mixer.

Spencer's tweet shouldn't be taken as a confirmation that some sort of Mixer Prime offer is coming, but it does confirm that the team is thinking of other ways to bring new people to the platform. The Ninja deal likely cost Microsoft several millions of dollars. While it does appear to have been quite successful with many more streamers and viewers now using the platform, signing exclusivity deals with big streamers may not be the most affordable plan.

However, offering a freebie lets people support their favorite streamers and gives them a no-risk way of using Mixer. Those who redeem their free sub each month may not have any intentions besides giving a streamer they like free money, but they may stick around, watching and spending money on other streamers too. That could potentially raise millions in revenue as viewers spend cash on Embers, which are Mixer's premium currency, and paid for subscriptions. So while nothing has been confirmed yet, like the Xbox boss says, it would be a good idea.

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