Rumor Patrol: Mirror’s Edge Coming to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility?

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With that in mind, many people were left wondering which titles would be the first ones included in the program. While no games’ additions have been confirmed by Microsoft, it seems as if fans can now get somewhat of a better idea on what’s to come, as the official Xbox Live website is showing Mirror’s Edge to be a backwards compatible asset embedded in the URL. Should gamers be pining for even more releases, it’s also being rumored that the initial collection of titles won’t just be comprised of Mirror’s Edge.

In addition to the first-person parkour hit, an image post by Instagram user “evilboris” revealed the possibility of fan favorites Geometry Wars 2, Worms 2: Armageddon, and Shadow Complexone of Xbox Live’s Games of 2009becoming a part of the backwards compatibility agenda as well due to them being viewable via Xbox One. However, the picture regarding those three titles has now been taken down, which leads one to question the veracity of these claims.

Mirror's Edge Faith Falling

At any rate, should the four last-gen games mentioned above be slated as the first to arrive for backwards compatibility, fans who have played and enjoyed them should be very pleased. Not to mention, for those gamers unimpressed by such a selection, there will always be more titles coming in waves as Microsoft updates the Xbox One as the months go on. Also, it’s worthy to note that the first cluster of releases to be added will more than likely be initially obtainable by preview members first.

Regardless, if the rumors are true, Mirror’s Edge fans should be excited, as they will be able to prep themselves for the upcoming prequel in the series, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which is slated for release in February of 2016.

Are you excited about the possibility of being able to play Mirror’s Edge on your Xbox One? What’s the next batch of games that Microsoft should include in the backwards compatibility program?

Mirror’s Edge is available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and as previously mentioned, could soon be coming to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Source: The Games Cabin