EA and developer DICE show off a new story trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and announce that sign ups are available for the game’s closed beta coming soon.

The much-anticipated Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, prequel to the cult classic Mirror’s Edge, has received a new trailer detailing the story of the game.

DICE says Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will feature a rich story centering around the origin of main protagonist Faith and her journey “from carefree thrill-seeker to true heroine”:

Faith Connors is a self-assured thrill-seeker and one of the best Runners in the city of Glass. But Faith’s carefree days are numbered. As she crosses paths with the evil Gabriel Kruger and the city’s oppressive Conglomerate, Faith finds herself running for something far more important.

The game was originally scheduled to launch later this month before it was delayed to May, but today DICE also announced that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be getting a closed beta on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC. There aren’t any details on what exactly the beta will include, but there will be a non-traditional multiplayer component in the game.

DICE has called the multiplayer of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst “an asynchronous connection where your actions will affect my world.” One example of this is players being able to see traces of fellow gamers while traversing the landscapes of the game. Another mode that has been mentioned is Dash Races, where players would compete against their friends’ best leaderboard times on a set race course.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst will have multiplayer elements -- Faith

DICE says they will release more details about what is included in the beta and a firm release date, which should be no later than April. Anyone can sign up for a shot at the beta on the Mirror’s Edge website.

It’s important to note, though, that this will be a closed beta with limited access, so not everyone who signs up will get in. Moreover, any progression or achievements earned during the beta will not carry over to the main game.

For big fans of the franchise, DICE also says those who sign up to receive their newsletter will be deemed Frontrunners and also get “early access to exclusive content, great in-game rewards.” Those who are members of EA subscription programs will be able to play the game early for a limited time on Xbox One with EA Access and on PC with Origin Access.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst continues the tradition of gameplay introduced by the first entry of the series focusing on free-running traversal, although unlike the first game, there won’t be any gunplay in Catalyst. To read more about the game, check out our Hands-On Preview.

Are you looking forward to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will launch May 24, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: DICE