‘Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst’ Trademarked By EA; Parkour Sequel Retitled?

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Mirrors Edge Enemy

The sequel to Mirror’s Edge, the fan favorite franchise about first person parkour in a futuristic city, has had a rough couple of years. With news breaking that DICE has delayed the project a number of times throughout the past four years, fans have been eager to get a taste of what Mirror’s Edge 2 is bringing to the current gen table.

While the game has been previously announced and given a release window, EA has remained pretty tight lipped about the project outside of a couple brief videos at the past couple of E3 events. Based on a new rumor, it appears that EA is getting ready to finally reveal the game to the public next week during its press conference at E3 2015.

A new trademark listing in Europe submitted by JA Kemp, a representative that EA frequently uses, on June 8, 2015 was discovered and posted by a user on NeoGaf. In the post, it was discovered that the trademark was for something called Mirror’s Edge:Catalyst that fit under the computer game software category. Many users have begun to speculate that this will be the title for the upcoming Mirror’s Edge sequel.

Interestingly enough, the submission won’t show the owner of the filing until an application fee is first paid, which is a newer rule put in place by the trademark agency for security and data protection purposes. As Mirror’s Edge is an EA trademark and with E3 less than a week away from kicking off, the chances of this being submitted by someone else outside of EA are pretty slim.

Mirrors Edge E3 Tease

While little is known about Mirror’s Edge 2, DICE has given a number of assurances that they’re working on tightening up this new game in a number of areas. The combat in the first game generally wasn’t well received by critics or fans, being one of the weaker aspects of the title. Surprisingly, this is an area DICE has been working the hardest to improve in an effort to bring this aspect up to the already high quality levels of the first person traversal.

Outside of that, EA has only released some teaser art and a developer diary so not much is yet known about the title. Based on the limited information fans have, it does appear that the momentum based movement system will once again take center stage in an open and sprawling city. The lighter color scheme heavy in white with subtle touches of other colors like red, also known as Runner Vision, look to be making a comeback as well.

Are you guys excited to jump back into this world? What are you hoping to see from Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 this year?

Mirror’s Edge 2 is currently slated for an early 2016 release for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: NeoGaf