EA announces that its upcoming action-adventure game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available to EA Access and Origin Access subscribers five days early.

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, players will parkour their way through the dystopian city of Glass as free-running protagonist Faith attempts to bring down various shady corporations. The game, which is a prequel to cult classic Mirror’s Edge, is one that fans have been waiting to play for years and people are eager to sprint , jump, and somersault their way through Faith’s upcoming adventure. There’s good news then, as EA has now announced that players will be able to play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst five days early.

Players will be able to play a trial of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst from June 2, which is five days ahead of its new June 7 release date. This trial will last six hours and players will have to be a subscribed to EA Access (on Xbox One) or Origin Access (which recently launched on PC) to take advantage.

It should be noted that subscriptions to EA Access and Origin Access cost money. There’s also the fact that EA Access is not available on PS4, and so players of the Sony machine will miss out.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst PC Specifications

Despite PS4 players unfortunately being left out, the trial should give PC and Xbox One players enough time to get to grips with Catalyst’s new gameplay. For example, unlike the first Mirror’s Edge game in which Faith could fire guns at enemies, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst removes gun combat altogether. Instead, Faith is all about melee action as not only can she knock enemies off of rooftops but she can also knock enemies into one another, which could be a handy escape tool for those trying to make a quick getaway.

There’s also the fact that Catalyst introduces a controversial “move unlock” system. In the first Mirror’s Edge title, all of Faith’s free-running abilities were unlocked from the get-go but in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, players will find themselves unlocking these moves as they go via XP and a skill progression tree. While developer DICE has explained that this is so that players can “master” their tools, some fans are concerned that the game will make it a grind, though the trial could perhaps win doubters over.

Speaking of doubters, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has already been delayed twice, but EA and DICE will be hoping that this trial, following the recent beta, will put any concerns about the game’s launch quality to rest.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available on June 7th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot