Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer Sets Up Story

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Although the first Mirror’s Edge was critically acclaimed, the parkour-driven title didn’t sell as well as publisher Electronic Arts had hoped, which led to the sequel’s production being stopped by EA multiple times on its road to development. However, due to fans’ passion for the original’s fast-paced energy and mostly non-violent gameplay, as well as its unique twist on dystopian societies, the action-adventure game now has an official follow-up with the prequel Mirror’s Edge Catalyst having a release date for next year.

Up until this point, fans of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst haven’t been given many details about the upcoming game’s storyline other than the fact that it’s a precursor to the first title’s narrative, and will ultimately show how Faith Connors became a heroine in City of Glass. Plus, aside from its reveal at E3 2015, many gamers are still in the dark as to what kind of mechanics should be expected from the title. Thankfully, the developers over at DICE took such concerns to heart by showing off a new trailer at EA’s gamescom 2015 presentation that mixes gameplay and a little bit of plot to give folks a better idea of what’s to come.

Much like the previous iteration of the game, players will assume the role of Faith in first-person as she glides across the tops of skyscrapers and sneaks silently into buildings to complete her missions. And while avoiding confrontation is often key as our protagonist won’t be partaking in gun combat – it’s obvious that the game’s developers have improved the fighting system, for close-quarters battling is tied more readily to agile acrobatics than ever. Also, it’s worthy to note that even though the video’s action is smooth and well-paced, the trailer is pre-alpha footage from a cut-down version of a full mission in the game, so it’s entirely possible what we’re being shown can change.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer Sets Up Story

In addition to the refined gameplay, there’s a semi-semblance of a story tucked away in the trailer as well. Although clues are scant, what can be presumed from this particular assignment of Faith’s is that her retrieval of a data package from the Agricultural Division at Elysium is meant to uncover the organization’s shadowy dealings well beyond the realm of crops and farming. Not to mention, we get a glimpse at a possible ninja antagonist clad all in black with night vision goggles à la Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series.

At any rate, should Mirror’s Edge Catalyst retain the rapid, streamlined style and gameplay we encountered in the above trailer and with our hands-on preview at E3 2015, fans ought to have a pleasant experience with the title once it becomes available. Furthermore, with DICE confirming a multiplayer campaign being in the works, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst might become even more than we could hope for.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set for release next year on February 26, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Source: Mirror’s Edge (via GamesRadar)