‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Title Confirmed Before E3

By | 1 year ago 

Despite the original game becoming a cult hit shortly after its launch, the long-awaited sequel/reboot to Mirror’s Edge has had a rough time coming out of the gate. DICE has delayed the free-running action game a few times and, despite a few sneak peeks at prior E3s, fans haven’t learned anything substantial about the upcoming game yet. Although we’ve been calling the project Mirror’s Edge 2 or simply Mirror’s Edge (despite the confusion that causes), it sounds like DICE has been holding back the real title until now.

Earlier this week some detectives on NeoGAF spotted a UK trademark for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst filed by EA. This quickly led to speculation that the upcoming reboot of Faith’s adventures would have a new title reveal at E3 2015 next week and, thanks to the official Mirror’s Edge Twitter account, we are now able to confirm that rumor.

It seems likely that DICE and EA were hoping to keep the new name reveal under wraps until next week, but after rumors started to swirl yesterday, the marketing team behind the game decided to throw fans a bone with this teaser image that combines the dictionary definition of catalyst with the iconic Mirror’s Edge font.

The definition’s example sentence, “she acted as a catalyst for change” is sure to give fans of Faith and the franchise goosebumps. After the less than substantial previews at the last few E3s, hopefully next week gamers will get a look at some actual gameplay and plot for Catalyst.

DICE has kept details about the game very quiet, but we do know that the team is working on improving the combat system, which left a lot to be desired in the original. Combat definitely comes second to running in Mirror’s Edge, so we don’t want to see fighting overshadow the free-running mechanic, but hopefully when combat encounters do pop up, they play out in a more fluid and intuitive way that fits in with the feel of the rest of the game.

If the game is truly a reboot, then we are glad to see that the team is going with a subtitle, rather than another game called Mirror’s Edge. Reboots are definitely in trend, even for a series with little lore to deal with like Need for Speed, but a reboot after just one game does feel a little strange. Either way, we look forward to seeing the game’s presence at E3 and finding out how far along its development is.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is currently slated for an early 2016 release for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter