‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Box Art Revealed; Prequel Comic Announced

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Electronic Art’s E3 2015 press conference may be scheduled for June 15, but that isn’t stopping the news from flowing with regards to one of the many games expected to appear at the event: Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. The series, which only has one game under its belt so far, has been long overdue for a follow-up, with news surrounding the potential sequel popping up since 2012.

It was only last year that EA and DICE officially announced a sequel to the parkour-heavy, first-person runner – at this point being labeled a reboot – but Mirror’s Edge 2 later went on to be mostly absent from last year’s E3 (despite a teaser), meaning the wait for any additional Mirror’s Edge news got slightly longer.

EA was probably waiting until they took the stage next week to reveal the game’s official name, but the Internet (as it often does) had other plans, and stumbled across a Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trademark – which was later confirmed to be the real deal. But that’s just a name, and since it’s been a while since anything from the game was actually shown, at least the publisher still has that surprise up their sleeve.

Unfortunately, those presumed plans have been slightly affected as well, as the PS4 and Xbox One box art for the upcoming game has been revealed by Amazon UK. The listing doesn’t feature a release date – not even a placeholder – but we already know Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is expected to launch in early 2016. At this point, the only reveals EA could have at its conference would be for a trailer or gameplay. Which, of course, would be the preferred thing to bring to such an event.

The new box art isn’t the only thing to be revealed today, however, as Dark Horse Comics, in partnership with EA and DICE, announced that it is releasing Mirror’s Edge: Exordium, a six-part prequel comic that will lead into the events of Catalyst. Christofer Emgard, narrative director at DICE, is writing the story, while the art is done by Emgard, Mattias Haggstrom, Robert Sammelin, Henrik Sahlström, and Erik Persson.

Mirror's Edge Exordium Comic Cover

The 32-page Exordium #1, set to release on September 9 for $3.99, is being pitched as ” the perfect introduction to the game’s lore,” and invites fans to “witness Faith’s transformation, from a careless young woman to the heroine who opens the eyes of the city.” This further supports the new game’s “reboot” status, though it’s still unknown if/how Faith and the overall tone and style of the world will differ from the original game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, as said before, is expected to make an appearance at E3 next week. Hopefully EA will shed more light on the game’s development and elaborate on how it relates to the comic.

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