'Mirror’s Edge' Writer Wishes to Pen Sequel Under The 'Right Circumstances'

Mirror's Edge Writer Wants to do Sequel

Mirror's Edge was a breath of fresh air that gamers wanted to experience in an industry that has been filled with generic first-person titles. DICE's unique free-running game however, failed to achieve the sales publisher Electronic Arts would have hoped for. And, as has been showcased much too often with the gaming industry being one which is dominated predominately via sales figures, the future was looking bleak for a possible continuation of the Mirror's Edge IP.

However, EA has already seen the benefits of what occurs when you stick with an IP: Dead Space failed to ignite the charts but its sequel managed to sell millions. They're applying the same belief with Mirror's Edge as evidenced by the company's European VP's confirmation of the franchise not being abandoned. DICE, meanwhile, said last year that the Mirror's Edge "dream is still there." So, with the developer on board, the original game's writer Rhianna Pratchett also seems interested in working on a successor.

In speaking with with ActionRip, Rhianna Pratchett stated that if a Mirror’s Edge sequel opportunity did arise, she's unlikely to write the narrative behind the game. However, she stated that "under the right circumstances,", if she was offered the position, she would love to narrate another installment's story once again.

"DICE was a great company to work with, but Mirror’s Edge was a challenging project and an important learning experience for me. Unfortunately, because of the timing when I was brought in and a large amount of the script being cut (due to the late decision to remove level dialogue) the narrative wasn’t what I would’ve liked it to be. Thankfully, I got the chance to remedy this a little bit in the Mirror’s Edge comic series with DC. The story in those was much more along the lines of what I would’ve liked to have developed for the game.

Game development is chaotic at the best of times and narrative often suffers. It’s no one’s fault. We’re all still learning. Stories being cut, restructured, pushed, pulled and generally poked about is one of the uncomfortable realities of the job. I’ve been quite candid about what happened with Mirror’s Edge, because I know some players were disappointed with the narrative in the game. The upshot of that is that I’ve probably blotted my copy-book with DICE. I’d love the chance to do it again under the right circumstances, and I have plenty of ideas, but I doubt that’s going to happen."

Pratchett worked as a writer as well as co story-designer on Mirror's Edge which saw her creating the main storyline, helping with the creation of setting and tone, characters, themes, in addition to crafting the full script and level dialogue. Clearly, then, she would perhaps be the perfect choice for writing the sequel.

As for what she's working on currently, Pratchett is involved in the screenplay adaption of novel Warrior Daughter, which was penned by Janet Paisley. Additionally, she's also working on "three large games and one smaller one" to which she can't talk about yet, but will do later in 2012.

When Mirror's Edge 2 does come, it'll utilize DICE's pretty Frostbite 2 engine, developed first for Battlefield 3.

Ranters, would you like to see a comeback from Pratchett as the writer to Mirror's Edge 2?


Source: ActionRip

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