DICE may be insisting that they’re focusing on Battlefield right now, but all signs seem to be pointing to a Mirror’s Edge 2 reveal at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The last week alone provided an accidental Amazon listing of the game, an listing on EA’s Help Centre, and now yet another event that can be added to the list of Mirror’s Edge 2-is-for-real evidence: the renewing of the Mirror’s Edge 2 domain name.

A WhoIs Lookup of the domain reveals that Electronic Arts went and renewed the domain for another year on May 2nd, something which went unnoticed by the general populace until today. While keeping the domain names of potential sequels is regular practice for larger intellectual properties (the company also purchased domains for Battlefield 13 to 20 as well), the timing of EA doing this barely a month before the E3 Expo seems almost too convenient.

The domain name was originally purchased back in January 2008, a few months after the release of the first game.

Mirror's Edge 2 Domain

Electronic Arts has already announced that Battlefield 4 and Need For Speed: Rivals will grace the stage at E3 this year, and Mirror’s Edge 2 would fit well in such a line-up of sequels. The original released to positive reactions from critics and fans, though it didn’t generate enough sales to fast-track development of a sequel. Despite this, the Mirror’s Edge fanbase has remained optimistic about its eventual return – something which EA said would happen.

To add more fuel to the flames, DICE has also teased that they’ve got some ‘surprises’ cooking up for E3 next week. Obviously, the developers won’t be spoiling said surprises prior to the Expo, though if part of it does end up being Mirror’s Edge 2, the word ‘surprise’ itself may be a bit of a stretch. Fans can see the video for themselves at the top of the page.

The game has reportedly been in development for some time now, with industry workers tweeting about it and even including it on resumes for the last year or so. While it still hasn’t been recognize on an official level – aside of when it accidentally appeared on EA’s own Help Centre – chances are the answers fans are seeking will come within the next week from Los Angeles, where the E3 Expo makes an annual appearance.

What do you think, Ranters? Have the stars aligned to create a Mirror’s Edge 2 sequel, or are all of these events just coincidence?

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Source: PCGamesN