First-person freerunning fanatics can rejoice, a sequel to Mirror’s Edge has been confirmed. Yes, Mirror’s Edge 2 is being worked on and the news was confirmed in an interview with EA senior vice president, Patrick Soderlund. This new Mirror’s Edge game could (read: should) look leagues better than the original because of the availability of Frostbite 2 (see: Battlefield 3).

Mirror’s Edge 1 had only used Unreal Engine 3, due to the original Frostbite not being completed prior to the game’s development time. That could all change now with DICE having finished work on their exquisitely beautiful and powerful Frostbite 2 engine. Mirror’s Edge 2 could be the most realistic freerunning game on the market. Whether or not the new title will feature the original’s use of color to dictate areas the player can climb or traverse is another issue entirely.

Originally, a sequel for Mirror’s Edge was put on hold, due to the game’s prototype not meeting high enough standards for EA. That didn’t stop EA from admitting that Mirror’s Edge 2 was still possible to enter development. Now that the news is all but confirmed, it’s very likely that DICE’s completion of Frostbite 2 may have had a major impact on the decision.

The first Mirror’s Edge game was a great risk for EA in its exercise of playing around with a genre by adding a twist on platforming. Unfortunately, the parkour-styled game suffered from lackluster sales, yet received much high praise. DICE managed to nail a lot of key elements to keep players engrossed in the role of Faith via the running mechanics and the slightly clunky first person combat. Surely, after refinement, the sequel will look and play like the game we know Mirror’s Edge can be.

Soderlund’s statement, which he made to GameStar in a video interview, was very brief, but positive.

“We have not abandoned the franchise. And we are working on something, but I’m not willing to talk more about that.”

EA and DICE will be focusing the sole of their effort on Battlefield 3, but once that game launches, the companies will be freed up to start working on this new game. Obviously, no platforms have been announced and it could be premature to outright name a sequel to the game. A new Mirror’s Edge could just as likely be released on the 3DS.

What do you want to see in Mirror’s Edge 2?

Mirror’s Edge 2 has not been officially announced, but could be coming out for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: GameStar