‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ Briefly Listed on Amazon

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Rumors have circulated about the potential development of Mirror’s Edge 2 for over a year now, and they continuously gain credit when developers keep referring to the game on resumes and Twitter. While DICE and EA have not made any official statement about whether Mirror’s Edge 2 is actually in production, Amazon’s German website recently listed the game for a brief period of time before it was removed by website administrators.

Last year, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach had stated that the game was ‘too good to kill‘, leading many to believe that the company was simply putting Mirror’s Edge 2 on the virtual sidelines while they focused on Battlefield. Months later, a former Battlefield producer stated that the production of the mystery-ridden title was common knowledge to the Stockholm developer scene.

The aforementioned Amazon listing was available for only a short time before it was removed by Amazon management, but intrepid browsers managed to screencap the title before it was pulled. The German leg of Amazon has done this kind of thing before, when they accidentally posted the Wii U before any pricing or release dates were officially revealed. Click below to check out the Mirror’s Edge listing for yourself:

Mirror's Edge 2 Amazon Listing

Electronic Arts did respond to inquiries about the listing, but simply stated they have nothing to say for the time being:

“We appreciate fan enthusiasm for Mirror’s Edge, especially fans throughout the retail channel. This is not official EA material. We have nothing to announce at this time.”

That’s certainly different from “we don’t comment on rumors.” DICE had originally started working on the sequel roughly a year after the first game, which had a cult following but ultimately flopped in terms of expected sales. The development of the game was stopped as sales continued to decline, leaving some in doubt as to whether Mirror’s Edge 2 would ever be focused on again.

It’s clear that plenty of fans are eagerly awaiting a sequel to the popular free-running title. With E3 2013 fast approaching, more than a few fans are hopeful that a surprise announcement may be in the works – hence the accidental listing. We’ll keep you posted as more details come out, as we believe a Frostbite 3 powered Mirror’s Edge experience is a very real possibility.

What do you think, Ranters? Would you be excited for Mirror’s Edge 2 on Xbox One, Wii U or PS4?

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Source: GameSpot