In January of 2009, Electronic Arts brought style and action together in what to this day is arguably the best parkour gaming experience: Mirror’s Edge. Despite positive critical reception, the game didn’t reach blockbuster sales numbers and so while sad for those of us who enjoyed it, it wasn’t too surprising to hear earlier this year that production on Mirror’s Edge 2 has stopped.

A prototype of what Mirror’s Edge 2 could become was presented to EA, but they declined. That was in February but a month later, EA’s Games Label Chief Frank Gibeau went on record explaining that there’s still hope for Mirror’s Edge 2, but they’d need to figure out how to make it reach a larger audience and sell 2-3 times as much. With the help of the Frostbite 2 engine – the one that makes Battlefield 3 so pretty – they may have found their winning formula.

Three weeks ago we reported confirmation that Mirror’s Edge 2 was definitely in the works, and we learned it through words from EA senior vice president, Patrick Soderlund.

“We have not abandoned the franchise. And we are working on something, but I’m not willing to talk more about that.”

The first Mirror’s Edge utilized the Unreal 3 engine and our thoughts at the time of Soderlund’s interview were that DICE and EA would take advantage of the Frostbite 2 engine for the sequel. It’d be crazy not too.

Destructive environments aside, Frostbite 2 offers lighting and animation that are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, so it’s a no brainer that Mirror’s Edge 2 will attempt to push the boundaries on its visuals using the engine as well. Nothing has been confirmed on this front but the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine includes a line, giving credence to our speculation:

“The Frostbite 2 engine will pave the way for Mirror’s Edge to make a free-running return.”

We can guarantee that Mirror’s Edge 2 will include high-speed free-running and parkour elements like its predecessor, but in terms of its unique color scheme and aesthetic, its protagonist and even its gunplay elements, we’ll have to wait and see what EA has up their sleeve to bring this game to wider audiences.

What would you like to see changed for Mirror’s Edge 2 and should the developers take any notes from Brink?

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Source: OPM