It’s been nearly five years since the first-person free-running action title Mirror’s Edge helped DICE break up the production of Battlefield games for EA. That trend has since resumed – albeit with amazing looking results – leaving fans of the innovative platformer waiting patiently for more. While a sequel was all but confirmed to be in production last November by EA Games VP Patrick Soderlund, no real evidence has surfaced about the enigmatic Mirror’s Edge 2. That is, until now.

Only a few days ago, several keen viewers noticed a product page for Mirror’s Edge 2 on Amazon’s German outlet. While that page has since been removed, another has popped up on Amazon Italy, complete with placeholder Xbox One box art. Sealing the deal however, is an unfinished help page template that was noticed on EA’s own website, with the title – you guessed it – Mirror’s Edge 2.

Mirrors Edge 2 Amazon Italy Product Page

DICE is well aware that their breakaway title is both well-received by critics, and the subject of a sizeable cult following. Now it seems a sequel is not only a possibility, but inevitable. With EA ramping up to show off Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals at E3 2013 in just a few short weeks, could Mirror’s Edge 2 be another title revealed at the annual trade show? It would certainly make a splash, drawing much-needed positive attention to EA after a few recent missteps with the likes of the SimCity reboot.

On the plus side, now that DICE is no longer dependant on the Unreal Engine that Mirror’s Edge used during its development in 2007, fans can safely assume that the same iconic art direction and attention to detail can be bolstered by the new Frostbite 3 engine. While it’s difficult to say for sure what will happen in the coming weeks, we’re pretty confident that E3 is the perfect time to launch Mirror’s Edge back into the spotlight, revamped from the ground up, and for an entirely new generation of hardware. Ranters, are you eager to step back into Faith’s shoes and continue fighting the good fight against Project Icarus — or are you still skeptical that a full-blown sequel will be shown in the next few weeks? Whatever happens, Game Rant will be on the scene at E3 to report on the latest and greatest new additions to the gaming industry.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is expected to be in production by DICE, and may show up at E3 2013 during EA’s anticipated press conference.

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Source: VG247