‘Mirror’s Edge 2’ E3 Teaser Art Reveals a Sprawling City

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EA has already confirmed that an update for DICE developed Mirror’s Edge 2 will be arriving on day one of E3, but the company has yet to reveal just how much we can expect. Some fans were disappointed with the vague promise of an’update, rather than gameplay footage or a trailer, but lots of gamers are still crossing their fingers for something more substantial than EA has hinted, so far.

Electronic Arts’ E3 press conference is still a few hours away, but parkour and free-running fans are already geeking out thanks to a sneak preview of some brand new art featuring Faith and her iconic red split-toed shoes. The image showed up yesterday on the official Mirror’s Edge Facebook page and features Faith overlooking the rooftops of a sprawling skyscraper-filled city.

The post looks much more like concept art than a screen cap of the upcoming open-world free-running game and had no description except for an #E32014 tag. It’s a little strange that the art is stamped with the Mirror’s Edge logo, rather than a new Mirror’s Edge 2 marker, but hopefully EA is just holding back the bulk of the new assets until the company takes the stage later today.

Mirrors Edge E3 Tease

The game has already seen a few delays, which were credited to DICE rather than EA, so a show of some concrete assets at E3 would help demonstrate to worried fans that the project is back on the right track. That said, the developers have promised a gameplay experience that could only be possible thanks to the power of new-gen consoles and current PCs, and it doesn’t sound like EA or DICE have any plans to rush Mirror’s Edge 2 out of the gates before it is 100% ready.

The second installment in the Mirror’s Edge series was confirmed at E3 last year and will not be a direct sequel to the events of the first game. The new open-world approach to Faith’s world will be more of a reboot or prequel focusing on Faith’s origin story. It will also transition to a more open experience for gamers.

Taking the game off the rails that held the tight parkour action together in the first game and into an open-world environment will likely lead to a very different gameplay experience in the follow up. DICE has already clarified that it has no intention of turning the Mirror’s Edge property into a shooter, but it seems highly likely that Faith will have more opportunities to fight back, rather than run away this time around. Hopefully we get to see a bit more action today at the EA presentation and learn how much of the magic that made the original game so unique and addicting will pass on to the follow up.

The EA presentation kicks off at noon PDT, so check back later today to for more details on Mirror’s Edge 2.

Do you expect to see a teaser or any gameplay footage of Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 this week or just some more high level details about the game? Let us know in the comments.

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Mirror’s Edge 2 is currently in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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