EA and DICE’s Mirror’s Edge managed to do something spectacular and innovative when it was released in 2008. Despite having weaker sales than the company anticipated, the game managed to garner positive critical acclaim. The first-person runner has become a cult classic with a strong and dedicated fanbase, and has even landed on our list of games that definitely deserve a sequel. Finally, after several years, fans everywhere will be getting what they’ve been waiting for.

During its E3 Press Conference this afternoon, EA officially announced that a yet-unnamed reboot is in development by DICE, who have also been responsible for the Battlefield series. Waiting until the very end of the press conference, DICE showed off an in-game footage trailer featuring Faith, the main character of the series, running through a futuristic metropolis and knocking down baddies. Interestingly enough, the trailer also shows Faith acquiring her famous arm tattoo design, indicating that the new title will in fact be an origin story for Faith. Also, it appears the sprawling city has gotten a glossy overhaul thanks to the Frostbite engine, which should be remarkable to see more of when the time comes. It will be interesting to see how this reboot title will tie into the original Mirror’s Edge storyline, and what kind of introduction Faith and the other Runners will receive.

Mirror's Edge 2 Announced E3

Speculation surrounding an alleged sequel began not long after the original game’s release, as its ending left players with a few loose ends. In recent weeks, however, a few retailer missteps saw placeholder product pages for “Mirror’s Edge 2,” complete with cover art mock-ups. EA itself accidentally published a social page for the game, and renewed domains relating to the game shortly before E3 2013 kicked off today.

We are likely to hear more about the game in the near future, but for now fans can rest easy knowing they will soon see more first-person freerunning action in the large, beautiful metropolis of The City.

Mirror’s Edge 2 is currently scheduled to release in 2014 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.