Nintendo Fan Carves Tiny Working SNES Console


One dedicated Nintendo fan takes it upon themselves to create their own version of the Super Nintendo, making a miniature SNES out of clay and a Raspberry Pi.

When Nintendo announced the NES Classic Mini, many fans of the classic console were looking forward to picking up the device. After all, the cutesy miniature version of the NES came with plenty of classic games, and could be great fun as a holiday-time treat. However, one Nintendo fan has decided to up the ante against Nintendo’s official device, instead making his own tiny version of the Super Nintendo instead.

YouTube user Hugo Doris (who goes by the online monicker of lyberty5) recently revealed this creation. Putting together a USB hub and a Raspberry Pi, Doris built himself a miniature SNES with the power to emulate games from the console. The real allure, though, is the device’s shell, which Doris hand-crafted out of clay.

The console, which is modelled after the PAL version of the Super Nintendo and the original Super Famicom, certainly stands out due to its size. Indeed, the entire console is smaller than an original SNES controller. It’s certainly a sight to behold, and interested parties can check it out by viewing the video below.


It’s not the first time that a Raspberry Pi device has been used to create something for Nintendo fans to drool over. Recently, another mod creator decided to turn an old Burger King children’s toy into a fully functional Game Boy, courtesy of a Raspberry Pi Zero and an emulator. This time around, however, the modder in question has built the entire outer shell of the device from scratch.

Indeed, it seems as though the homemade mod and content community has been in full force as of late – at least when Nintendo is concerned. Recently, a Dreamcast VMU homebrew developer announced that they would be porting Pokemon GO to the cult handheld device, setting a release date of 2017. Meanwhile, Pokemon Uranium also launched to tremendous success, with the homemade Pokemon title pulling in a strong following before it was shut down by Nintendo.

In spite of recent struggles, it certainly seems as though Nintendo’s lasting legacy still has a huge amount of pull around it, be it in the form of Pokemon GO’s nostalgia-powered success or the dedication shown by modders in bringing classic games to life in such ingenious ways. Of course, Nintendo will be hoping that it manages to add to its successes in gaming sooner rather than later, and will no doubt be expecting that mobile games such as Super Mario Run, and the as-yet-unreleased Nintendo NX, give gamers a reason to look beyond the past and into the future of the company.

Source: YouTube (via Motherboard)

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