‘Shaft’ Meets ‘Minecraft’ in ‘Mineshaft’

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Minecraft has been host to plenty of well-made fan videos, ranging from intense action videos to rap music videos and just about everything in between. With its old school, yet homely pixelated textures and simplified square shapes, Mojang’s most popular game makes it easier than most for fans to recreate scenarios in true Minecraft fashion.

Machinima has brought out a high quality eleven minute parody video based in the Minecraft world which introduces a legendary character from the ’70s: Shaft. Since he’s in the block-based world we all know and love, his name is appropriately changed to Mineshaft. If you need that joke explained to you, you may want to skip the video.

For those who may not know, Shaft was a blacksploitation film which followed Detective John Shaft in his quest to take down the mob. It was riddled with stereotypes – as one would expect in a blacksploitation film – but garnered fame and fortune at the box office, creating a wake of rip-off films trailing behind its success. John Shaft was a ridiculous man in a ridiculous world, and Machinima does a great job of putting embedding his personality into Mineshaft. Why use doors when you can jump through a window? It’s the Mineshaft way.

Mineshaft follows the fast-paced exploits of Detective John Mineshaft and his trusty wolf Whitey as they seek to find out why the mob stole a load of Ender Pearls from a local museum. The video is rife with Minecraft puns and references, as well as a few well-timed nods to the original film. The production quality put behind the video is fantastic and certainly delivers smooth animations all around, making this video one that won’t be soon ‘blocked’ from recent memory.

Minecraft Mineshaft

Machinima wanted to do more parody videos after the success of Fallout: Nuka Break, and Minecraft was the perfect follow-up for such an idea. The video was created by Steelehouse Digital, who are no strangers to crafting Minecraft videos, and written by James Farr, who gets bonus points for what is probably the best Queens-based joke we’ll hear all year.

On the real-life side of things, Minecraft reached version 1.6 not long ago (read our guide here!) and finally got horses, donkeys and mules. While there’s no jive detectives, slick cars or rastafarian endermen (…yet), the game keeps getting better and better. We’ll keep you posted as more updates pour out from Jeb and the team at Mojang.

What do you think of the video, Ranters? Was this ‘bloxpoitation’ video good for you, or was it a mash-up you’d pass over?

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