Microsoft was criticized for its lack of indie mentions during the Xbox One unveiling last month and followup reports that it wouldn’t let indie developers self-publish. Combined with the drop of Xbox Live Arcade indie spotlight, and understandably there was concern about indies on the Xbox 360 successor.

Of course, that wasn’t the full story and Microsoft said as much on stage during their E3 2013 media briefing by announcing a new version of Minecraft, dubbed Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

Whether or not the moneymaking machine that’s exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360, with multiple mobile versions and the PC version still getting updates, still qualifies as “indie” is one question, but players are left with other questions at this point.

What features will Xbox One’s Minecraft have that Xbox 360 does not? What will the difference be in their update versions and is 4J Studios developing both?

Minecraft Xbox One Edition

With the “next-gen” Xbox One version be up to date to the PC build or beyond with different features? Will it still charge for skin packs or let players customize their own like on PC? How will the upcoming currently-in-alpha Minecraft Realms service factor in? Will the console version finally support mods to really get up to where the PC version is?

The Xbox 360 edition remains their most successful and most-played downloadable title so there’s not necessarily a need to catch up, but it would seem an odd misstep if many of the missing features and player control elements weren’t included in the next-gen Xbox. At this point, until we find out more, we’re hoping to see the current PC build hit the consoles.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is currently in development.

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