‘Minecraft: Xbox One Edition’ Building Towards August Release

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By now everyone and their grandmothers have likely heard of Minecraft through one means or another, although it’s kind of hard not to be familiar with the property when it’s available on so many different formats. Now Mojang has announced when fans of the blocky survival title can expect to see its baby arrive on its first next-gen console, which means those anxiously anticipating the arrival of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition now have a particular month to anticipate.

Microsoft and Mojang have finally announced that gamers can look forward to Minecraft arriving on the Xbox One this August. The companies, however, failed to mention a specific day in the summer month that the indie smash-hit will be arriving. In lieu of a particular day in August, the companies opted to inform fans of a neat little incentive for Minecraft connoisseurs that are making a vertical console upgrade from the 360.

The promotion is exclusively for those that already own a physical or downloadable copy of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, and permits these consumers to an exclusive discount when upgrading to the Xbox One Edition. How significant is the cost whilst upgrading? Why it’ll only run shoppers a mere $4.99 to download the complete game on their next-gen Microsoft console. Those that never picked up the 360 version will be charged the full $19.99 price tag, which still isn’t too bad considering the amount of time the game has been known to occupy.

Minecraft Xbox One Really Close

Some of, but not all, skin and texture packs will also make the next-gen jump. It’s unknown which packs will be getting the axe, but Mojang and Microsoft will likely provide fans with those details closer to Minecraft: Xbox One Edition‘s release.

Those that plan on capitalizing on the aforementioned discount should know that the offer will be available for a full year after the game’s launch, at which point the deal will come to a close — presumably never to be seen again. Keeping that in mind, 360 owners may be delighted to learn that all of their saved files from the older console can be transferred to the Xbox One, although Mojang has yet to go into too much detail regarding how fans will go about doing that.

Since 12 million gamers purchased Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, this deal is good news for any of those that dreaded repurchasing the entire game on their new console. Presumably a similar incentive will also be applied to anyone that eventually upgrades from the PS3 version to the PS4 one, but that has yet to be announced.


Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will arrive on Xbox One in August 2014.

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Source: Xbox Wire