‘Minecraft’ On Xbox One ‘Really Close’ To Being Done

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At this point, it would almost be easier to count the number of platforms that do not offer Minecraft or some sort of official spin-off. Ever since its public release in 2009, its success and visibility has continued to rise with little sign of slowing. While the Xbox One has yet to get its turn to enter into the familiar blocky world, that looks like it could be about to change.

Speaking with IGN during the recently-concluded Game Developers Conference, Microsoft Studios‘ Phil Spencer provided gamers with a ray of hope concerning the eventual release of Minecraft on Xbox One. While there is still no solid release date for the title, gamers shouldn’t have to wait much longer as he states that the game is “getting really close” to being in a release-ready state.

While this is no doubt good news for gamers who have been waiting with bated breath for their next-gen world-building fix, Spencer goes on to state that the matter of a formal release date rests on the shoulders of developers Mojang and 4J Studios. Rather than rushing the game onto store shelves, digital or otherwise, they are aiming to release the highest quality product possible. Speaking about this publisher and developer relationship to IGN, Spencer states:

“But unlike on 360 where they had never been on console before and the developer relationship, I’ll say, was very tight from the beginning, this is something that’s really in their hands now. They’re a full-fledged developer in every sense. They control the [release] date of that, but I’ll tell people that we’re getting really close. I talked with Notch [aka Mojang founder Markus Persson] last night, and they’re really excited about the quality.”

Minecraft horse update 2

This is a welcome change of pace from developers who release an unfinished product to the marketplace. While some gamers may find the wait difficult to handle, the extra development time will no doubt ensure an even more polished end product. With the current-gen offerings continuing to receive significant updates, it’s to be expected that the next-gen editions will receive just as much support both at launch and post-launch.

Following the disappointing announcement that Minecraft would be parting ways with Oculus VR following the hardware’s $2 billion acquisition by Facebook, this news is sure to lift many gamers’ spirits. With next-gen console owners yearning for more quality releases, the prospect of playing Minecraft on the Xbox One — while not a new experience — is one that will undoubtedly generate a large amount of excitement for the console; plus the introduction of Twitch broadcasting will only lead to good things for the IP.

Will you be purchasing Minecraft yet another time on the Xbox One? What improvements are you most expecting for this next-gen outing?


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Source: IGN