Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Update

Fans who have Minecraft for the Xbox 360 know very well how far it lags behind the PC version. While PC players have had the Starvation Food System in place since September 2011, the Xbox game has yet to include such features. To make amends for the long wait, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition developer 4J Studios is contemplating an extra update for the game, to be released between its scheduled XBLA update windows.

News from 4J Studios seems to imply that the next update will finally add the Starvation Food System, as well as the Endermen and Cave Spider mobs. Since Cave Spiders commonly spawn in abandoned mineshafts, we can assume that unique structures are finally making their way to consoles – which means our villager friends may not be far behind.

While it’s great news, that update will likely be a month away. 4J Studios would like to shoot console gamers a bonus update which would likely include several new biomes and a few crafting options (the ability to farm animals on Xbox would be nice, too). With console players having to deal with a finite amount of in-game space, the chance to change the usual scenery with a jungle or mushroom biome here and there would surely be appreciated.

The next scheduled update is still “weeks away” according to 4J Studios, but will include the popular Creative Game Mode. In this, players can fly around and place any type of block or item they wish, allowing people mainly interested in building to do so without having to spend hours mining away for minerals. Additionally, each block breaks in one hit, making creating and removing blocks an easy process for the gamer. If 4J Studios manages to treat console gamers to two updates within the next month or so, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a renewed burst of players hopping back on to consoles.

Since there are no enchanting tables in the upcoming update, 4J Studios have delayed adding Experience orbs yet, noting that an experience system without enchantments is a pretty pointless endeavor. Granted, players could level themselves up to prepare for the eventual release of enchanting tables, but that’s a bit of a stretch. Either way, we’re just excited to see a solid flow of content heading towards Minecraft for Xbox 360.

What do you think, Ranters? Are the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition updates due for a change of pace?

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Source: 4J Studios