Despite its creator busying himself with other promising projectsMinecraft continues to flourish, making its way onto new mediums and releasing many snapshot updates between official versions. And with Halloween just around the corner, more updates trickle in, hinting at what could be made available to players very soon.

Recently, a new update for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition was rolled out to players, and contains the same features as version 1.8.2 for PC, like Creative Mode and a hunger system.

While a little behind its PC counterpart, Minecraft 360 is still leaps and bounds ahead of its previous version, incorporating Endermen and other mobs; biomes and generated structures like NPC villages and ravines; and a plethora of new items and building components to play with. Veteran players of the PC version will be familiar with features like the hunger system, wherein players must periodically cook and make food in order to stay alive. However, those who have only played the Xbox 360 version will have some adjusting to do.

Far Cry 3 Map Texture Pack for Minecraft

The mod doesn’t actually look like this, but you can use your imagination!

Along with the flurry of new features, another pile of new content is headed to the record-breaking game. The third skin pack is well on its way to release, and a full Ubisoft endorsed Far Cry 3 map and texture pack is set to drop October 26th for the PC version of Minecraft. While Far Cry 3 itself does not release in America until December 4th, the map and texture pack allows players to visit major locations from the game, and interact with main characters. It will significantly alter the original game, providing new landscapes to explore, and new items and weapons to use.

The map was created by Michael “Sacr3” Lambert, a well-known Minecraft enthusiast, and artists Axel Janssen as well as Yohann Delcourt are responsible for the textures. When released, the Far Cry 3 inspired pack will be available for free on PC via the Far Cry official website. Ranters: are you ready to take the plunge into madness?

The Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition update is available and ready for download the next time players launch it from Xbox Live. Far Cry 3 is scheduled to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Window PC on November 29 across EMEA and on December 4 in North America.

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