'Minecraft' Xbox 360 Version Playable During MineCon

Minecraft 360 Playable at Minecon

Despite being in its prolonged, but awesome form on the PC, Minecraft is making its way to the Xbox 360 in a much more concrete form. While we have only, thus far, received slim details regarding this Minecraft Xbox 360 version, gamers will be able to put their hands on it next month during MineCon.

MineCon takes place November 18th and 19th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets are still currently available, at $139.99 a pop, but for die-hard Minecraft fans this is the event of the year. Included with a chance to sit in on classes on your favorite Minecraft subjects and join a couple different parties, MineCon is the best place to get together with likeminded gamers and share a Minecraft experience.

Not only that but MineCon will make the official unveiling of the finalized PC version of Minecraft, when the title moves out of its beta stage. Gamers have seen numerous updates that included some pretty exciting editions like dragons, but this PC release will hopefully change the landscape of the game entirely.

As far as the Xbox 360 version is concerned, though, we don’t know too much aside from the fact that it will release some time during the Spring of 2012. Notch himself has confirmed that the Mojang developed title will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, but that doesn’t mean a potential Android or iOS version isn’t also in the works.

And let us not forget Mojang’s other developmental effort Scrolls, which scored a pretty substantial “win” in the courts last week, leading us to believe a reveal during MineCon wouldn’t be far fetched. Obviously the event centers on Minecraft and, as such, will feature some awesome reveals surrounding that game, but if you love Minecraft, you love Mojang and Notch.

What other announcements would you like to see come out of the first inaugural MineCon? Do you think hat Minecraft going platform exclusive will affect gamers’ impressions of the property?

MineCon takes place November 18-19, 2011 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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