Minecraft Xbox 360 Kinect

It’s no secret that Minecraft is one of the biggest indie successes of all time. It’s sold millions of copies in beta all around the world, it’s coming to mobile phones for mobile mining, and now it’ll be coming to consoles. This Fall, Minecraft will be released exclusively for Xbox 360, featuring full Kinect support.

Featuring simplistic but entertaining gameplay mixed in with unlimited creativity, it’s no surprise that Minecraft would come to the big screens in our living rooms. The move was kept well under wraps until today, when it was revealed during the Microsoft E3 Conference.

Mojang will be working towards finishing a complete, console-friendly version of Minecraft due this fall Holiday season, which should be around the time when the PC and Mac versions of the game finish beta mode. The move makes sense, opening the addictive creation of Minecraft to an entire new type of gamer, and letting current fans tend to their craft on the big screen.

Minecraft Xbox 360 KinectThe now-iconic graphics will likely remain unchanged.

There have already been a few Kinect modifications made with Minecraft, though those were completely unofficial. Still, there’s nothing quite like using Kinect to build montages of yourself! Microsoft didn’t end up showing off  how Kinect will work in-game, but those who really want the full experience can probably expect a lot of repetitive mining motions — hey, it takes dedication to build that obsidian tower. It’s also likely that a head-tilt detection feature will come into play, which will probably create some memorable scary moments as you turn to face a creeper out of nowhere at night.

The online aspect of the game has also been left in the dark — on computer, Minecraft has a very active and well-supported online community. This could be difficult to transfer to Xbox 360, as there would  be a need for both dedicated servers and moderators to prevent griefing. All the same, it would be a shame if the game released without the option to build with some friends, so we predict that an online feature will be announced shortly.

Minecraft screams Xbox Live title, and will likely be around 1800 points. While this is pretty expensive for an online purchase, it will still be well-worth the price. If Mojang pump out updates after the official release as often as they do now, let’s hope it comes in automatic updates as opposed to DLC packages.

We’ll keep you updated as more Minecraft news pours out of E3. For the meantime, we’ll have to wait until the fall to see some glorious blocks appear exclusively on Xbox with Kinect.

What do you think about this announcement? Were you surprised? Will you be purchasing the game?

Minecraft will be available for Xbox 360 with Kinect this Fall.