It’s hard to tell which is more impressive: the fact that Minecraft can now be played on just about every modern platform imaginable or the fact that each version continues to receive regular and individual updates. While the block-building, survival title is poised to make its way to the Xbox One soon, its Xbox 360 counterpart has received its newest batch of content that should appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Coming less than a month after a series of UnchartedKillzone and Heavy Rain skins made their way to the PS3 version of Minecraft, the Xbox 360 version has received a texture pack that will turn the game’s already-colorful world into the second coming of Candyland. Eschewing its bright colors for tasty-looking pastels, it looks like it could be the perfect way to supplement a weekend spent gorging on Easter chocolate.

While one might assume that a candy-themed texture pack would eliminate some of the game’s darker elements, in some cases the opposite is actually true. In particular, the gingerbread Villager and cookie Enderman provide a sufficient degree of nightmare fuel. Something about their soulless, gumdrop eyes is profoundly unsettling. See for yourself below.

With the act of changing texture packs being so simple for PC users, opening up some of the higher-quality packs to console players is a brilliant move on the part of Mojang and 4J Studios. For a game that places such a focus on providing players with a sandbox to experiment with, the ability to change up the game’s visual style to match the sandbox accordingly is an under-appreciated addition that more sandbox games could take a cue from.

It’s already on its way to providing similar functionality, but as Project Spark continues to mature, a wealth of texture packs could make a world of difference in the way players create in-game worlds.

Having surpassed 12 million units sold, it’s hard to deny the fact that the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft alone is a force to be reckoned with. From couch gags on The Simpsons to recreations of Flappy Bird in its engineMinecraft has become a pop culture darling. With a live-action film in the works, it’s hard to imagine the block-building giant slowing down anytime soon.

Would you rather see generally-themed texture packs, or packs themed after popular game series? Do you think the Xbox One version of Minecraft will see the release of just as much content as its Xbox 360 counterpart?


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Source: Xbox Marketplace