‘Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’ Gets Bug-Fixing Update; Skin Packs

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 11

With the PC version of Minecraft getting horses and the pocket edition finally getting some attention, it only makes sense that the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft would finally get a bug-fixing update of its own.

While a larger update is planned later this summer (and the boxed retail edition being delayed to match), Mojang is preparing for the update by releasing a bug patch touches up a few of the pending errors that have remained in the game since its launch. Most of the fixes are text-based messages and mob-related changes, and are likely something gamers won’t actively notice upon downloading.

For those interested, here’s the list of bug fixes which should be live on the Xbox Marketplace:

  • Fix for explosion lag issue on clients in an online game.
  • Fix to remove any Fireballs hanging in the air in a save game.
  • Fix to only show the spawn limit message to the player attempting to spawn something.
  • Fixed the terrain minimaps to have the updated version of the gravel texture in them.
  • Fix for the spawn limit overrun when shearing or breeding Mooshrooms
  •  Increased the limit for Paintings/Item Frames, Villagers, and Snow Golems in a world.
  • Display a message when the maximum Paintings/Item Frames are reached.
  • Display a message when the user tries to put an animal in Love Mode when the spawn limits have been reached.
  • Display a message when the user tries to spawn an enemy from a Spawn Egg in Peaceful mode.
  • Reduced Ghast sound volume

If this update hasn’t yet appeared on your Xbox, Microsoft recommends simply rebooting the console. While none of the above bugs would lead to major errors, it’s good to know the developer is keeping up with regular bug fixes, even if the updates themselves aren’t coming at a rapid rate. Each bug fix has to go through a rigorous Microsoft approval process, which prevents the kind of frequent updates which are a staple of the PC variant.

Minecraft Birthday Skin Pack

Additionally, Mojang has also released two new skin packs for those playing on the Xbox 360.  They are entitled ‘Battle N Beasts’ and ‘Minecraft’s First Birthday’ respectively, with plenty of cake-themed characters and soldiers from various eras. While the soldier pack will run gamers 160 MSP, the celebratory skin pack is being given away for free – and hey, who wouldn’t want to play as an enderman made of cake?

What do you think, Ranters? Will you be adding more skin packs to your repertoire, or is the bug-fixing update enough?

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Source: OXM