When developer Mojang first announced that an Xbox 360 port of the popular PC title Minecraft was in the works few could have predicted how successful the port would be. In fact, many fans thought that the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft would play second fiddle to its more capable brother.

As it turns, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has been a huge success story, both for Mojang and Microsoft. It’s success has paved the way for a handful of other Minecraft ports — mobile, PlayStation, and Xbox One — while also becoming one of the most successful Xbox 360 games ever. How successful you ask? Well, the title just recently crossed the 12 million-unit mark.

Even though the Minecraft train has seemingly slowed considerably since the PC title released, there is still a ravenous fan base out there consuming the game in any way possible. PC is still the preferred platform with about 14 million copies sold, but Xbox 360 is not far behind.

Similarly, as support for Minecraft continues to roll among gamers, so too has support from Mojang. The PC version has seen numerous updates since release, introducing everything from a story to sheep. Sure, the console versions have trailed behind the PC in that regard, but the most integral updates have made their way to the 360 eventually.

Every time that Minecraft hits a new sales milestone it feels like there is nothing more to say regarding Mojang’s mega-hit. And then another version hits a new sales milestone, or a new port is announced, and we are proven wrong.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Minecraft, though, aside from new updates. There have been rumors that a Wii U version is in development, but Mojang has yet to say anything substantial on the matter. There was also apparently Oculus Rift support in the works for Minecraft, but creator Markus Persson has nixed those plans after Facebook bought Oculus VR. Still, we don’t expect Minecraft will stay out of the limelight for long.

Are you one of the 12 million playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360? What is your preferred platform for brick-based exploration?

Source: CVG