'Minecraft' Mods Offer New Ways To Explore Familiar Worlds

Azeroth Minecraft

It seems like every day someone is building something new and unexpected in Minecraft. Some of the coolest projects are those that take the locations from games that we love and painstakingly recreate them in Minecraft's blocky, low-rez universe.

A quick look around the web shows a couple of notable new examples. Rockstar Games posted a user-created version of the city of Blackwater, the most cosmopolitan city in their western epic Red Dead Redemption. Created by user technoanimate100 as part of his "dream" to recreate the whole Red Dead Redemption world in Minecraft, technoanimate100 says:

"...what really changed the game for me was 'creative mode' as this enabled me to re-create my favorite parts of Red Dead Redemption."

So far, technoanimate100 has completed Armadillo and Blackwater as well as the Undead Nightmare versions of both (complete with zombies!), and is currently working on El Presido. You can see all of his Read Dead Redemption mods for Minecraft here.

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Not to be outdone, user Rumsey over at has posted some screenshots of what he calls his "pet project": a full-scale recreation of the World of Warcraft. Using custom built software, he is able to accurately, and in great detail, recreate  Azeroth using the Minecraft engine.

So far he has created the majority of Kalimdor, with plans to recreate the remaining continents as well as all of the dungeons. Rumsey goes into a great deal of detail in his explanation of the project, and the tools he is creating to complete it over at MMO-Champion.

Azeroth Minecraft

With its ability to give players the freedom to create, and the tools to accomplish nearly anything they can think of, it is no wonder Minecraft is one of the most talked about games of the last couple of years. We can all look forward to what exciting new experiences are on the horizon not only from Minecraft's developer Mojang, but from the creative users that give the game life.

What video game landscapes would you like to see recreated in Minecraft? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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